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The Power of Habits and Routines

Many people find themselves in a point in their life, in which they feel unsatisfied, unhappy, maybe depressed – both privately and professionally.

Without noticing, they have developed habits, and later on routines – which make them live an unhealthy lifestyle or even a depressing life.

We could also say, that most people do not pay attention, what habits and routines they are actually creating – then generally speaking, habits and routines are something great (if used correctly).

This is a problem for business and private life – since we tend to forget how to make conscious decisions by ourselves.
Most people “go with the flow”, that means do what everybody else is doing – eating unhealthy, consuming (unnecessary material things), watching Netflix-marathons… Subconsciously, they have adapted to external stimulations – we can even say that we are getting brainwashed. We tend to implement externally pushed habits and routines – which we deliberately adapt in our life’s.

So what happens in most cases? We do it even more! Why? Because we think it makes us happy!
For most people, eating unhealthy constantly will have massive effects on their health – 10 coffees in the morning, 10 cigarettes, a quick donut for breakfast. Then after work, watching Netflix 2-4 hours… It would be unspeakable to change this pattern – since it "part of their routine"...

The same goes for business actions – turning on the laptop, jumping from email to email, responding to messages, taking call, having meetings, doing some work. The habit of responding immediately to everyone and everything turned into a habit of being 24/7 available – which can be the path worse things than being unproductive, for example running out of power (Burn Out).

The questions is: How did it come so far, that I subconsciously created these habits and routines – and can I break out of them?
Again, I do not want to claim that my way of living is perfect – I can give you many examples, which I know for many people will be unimaginable to do or to live. But judging on habits or routines is not the topic of this article, it is about how to get aware of how to create habits and routines – which work in your favor!

First you need to know, that it usually takes around 60 days to create a new habit – I am referring to Robin Sharma and his book 5AM-Club, which helped me a lot many years ago:

  • First 20 days approximately is phase number one, destruction.

  • Second 20 day approximately is phase number two, confusion.

  • Last 20 days approximately is phase number three, integration.
My formula looks like this: HABITS -> ROUTINES -> CONTINUITY -> SUCCESS.

First, we have to create a new habit (or de-implement an old habit) – after we have done this successfully in approx. 60 days, we convert it into a routines.

Example: Medidate or going to the gym in the morning, it will take time to implement the habits, but then it becomes your morning-routine – and once you do not do it, you will feel something is not right…

Secondly, by performing this (new) habit by our (new) routines – we get create (new) continuity, which ultimately will lead to improvement and therefore success.

Example: By meditating and going to the gym every morning, I will sharpend my spiritual mindset and improve my physical health – the more I do it, the better I will get, the close it brings me to “my success”.

I have implemented many habits and routines, which serve as anchor for me – here are some highlights:

- Speak not anything negative – complaint fasting

- Don’t buy what you don’t need

- Keep a night journal

- Study for an hour a day

- Don’t check for messages until noon each work-day

- Workout at least 1h per day

- Eat healthy and take supplements

- Leave everyone you meet better than you found them

- Have a bias for the doing of hard things

- Join The 5AM Club (“Robin Sharma”)

The Power of habits and routines will help to improve your life massively – privately and profesonally.