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McGibney Mentoring - Secure your Spot

Want to make 5-6 figures monthly within SAP or Microsoft as a freelancer or business owner?
Read this!

Secure your spot in our 1:1-Mentoring-System and build your IT-Consultancy to 6-7 figures yearly with our Independent-Consulting-Business (ICB)-Method

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Hey experts, this is Patrick McGibney.
I’m reaching out because I’m looking for 5 IT-minded professionals to take under my wing FOR FREE and train them up to make 5-6 figures monthly as an IT-consultant or IT-consulting-company.
We will offer a 14-Day-Trial-Period for the first 5 Action-Takers!
If you’re familiar with consulting, especially with focus on SAP and Microsoft - and you’re either an employee, freelancer or business owner … It's the single best way to make a multiple six to seven figure net income working from anywhere in the world WITHOUT having to rely solely on agencies or sitting old-school at the client.

Your Key Take-Aways:

When you decide to jump on the call with me, I’ll help you…
[+] understand the landscape of consulting and service providing business within SAP and MS
[+] standardize your high ticket consulting/service, passion or expertise and train you up so you can sell it for 5-6 figures per Client per Month
[+] help you get your first client, who has a great need for what you offer - extend your customer-base in new segments, markets or regions
[+] position yourself in our Business Network full of Clients, Partners and Customers - who are searching for SAP and MS experts just like you
… and more.


If you are looking for a long-term collaboration, there is an investment involved - but it’s feasible compared to the revenue and income you can generate once this skillset is mastered.
Please note that our prices will be increased in 2024 - so this is your last chance to secure your spot in our mentoring with the old price!
If this sounds interesting, ​go to this link​, watch the video from one of our clients and then book a free ​call ​to discuss this with me and our team. That’s all for today.
See you soon.
Your Patrick McGibney